Centennial Medical Center – One Of Our Properties

Recentric Realty Capital is a Real Estate Investment Group that focuses on medical real estate and provides our investors with above average market returns for their participation in the group.

We act as a sponsor company who develops and acquires properties and then we make them available to individual investors by selling units – not shares.

Group Investing

Attractive returns on commercial real estate investments have been out of reach for many individual investors due to large initial investment requirements and lack of expertise. Real estate investment groups eliminate these obstacles and provide a clear path to investment success.

How it works – We act as a sponsor company who buys properties and then we make them available to individual investors by selling shares in the company that owns the specific property, usually for a $50,000 to $500,000 investment. RRC then manages every aspect of the property, such as acquisition, property management, leasing, asset management and disposition.

The investors receive on-going operating income as well as profit distributions upon the property sale.


Our asset class expertise and track record of success, along with compelling market research have led us to focus on medical office buildings particularly in the Western US markets in cities like Denver, Phoenix, Tucson and Las Vegas.

Healthcare Real Estate Properties in Denver

Here is a sampling of our investment properties:

Centennial Medical Center

This off-campus medical office building with 25% retail tenants as well. Recentric acquired it in 2019. The building was over 90% occupied when purchased.The largest tenant consumes one-third of the space and has been in practice for several years at this location. This is a fantastic addition for Recentric’s investors as it provides steady returns, and increased equity at the time of purchase.

Stonegate Medical Building

This Class A off campus medical office building was built in 2006. This property is very well located in a high growth area of Douglas County. With a small vacancy at closing, Tenant mix is diverse and stable including general pediatrics, dental, and pain management practices. Each having a sound practice and long history at the building provides a strong value-add and cash flow opportunity for our investors.

Development Experience of Carl Luppens

Here is a complete list of our development experience.

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