Are you an accredited investor looking for alternative real estate investments?

We help accredited investors find opportunities for investing in healthcare real estate as part of their portfolio strategy.


We attract curious, sophisticated, and focused investors who are looking for alternative options for a diversified portfolio. We handle all aspects of the investment. We enact a turnaround plan, manage and lease the properties, handle all financial responsibilities and develop appropriate exit strategies. 


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Recentric Realty Capital acquires, adds value, and repositions income-generating medical office buildings and net lease medical retail in targeted cities like Denver, Tucson, Phoenix and Las Vegas in Western States.


While everyone knows that all investments do not come with guarantees, our investors have found commercial medical real estate to be one of the more “safe” and lower-risk investments in their portfolio, surviving the global pandemic well.

Special Report: Three Surprising Tax Shelter Benefits of Joining an Investment Group in Medical Real Estate


Be a part of an exclusive group of successful investors. We are an active group of executives, business owners, and accredited investors. We meet together regularly for networking and special events.


We capitalize on a growing population base combined with a projected increase in Baby Boomer medical spending in the western US real estate market.



Our investors receive quarterly updates and distributions. They appreciate our transparency and professional presentation in our reporting.

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Recentric’s sole focus is creating a diversified portfolio, generating income and equity growth. The exit strategy is to position our assets to maximize cash flow and appreciation and dispose of the properties in 5-10 years when the health care real estate markets are maximized and market conditions are favorable.

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